From the purity of glass and the warmth of old wood to the high durability of steel and the special quality of hand-painted ceramic, the LAGO kitchen opens out to the world, providing you with modules, materials and 32 colours that you can use to express your own creative potential, giving shape to your passions so that you can live the heart of the home to the fullest every day.

The kitchen is a space for experimenting, sharing, learning and growing. It is a place where tastes develop, change, mix and influence one another. Because taste is a personal thing and always evolving, just like our approach to life, always in movement looking for new forms of expression.
NEVER STOP CHANGING TASTE is our invitation to dare and experiment, in the kitchen and in life. And since the kitchen is the fulcrum of these experiments, where you can test yourself, have fun and share, LAGO offers a host of ingredients for creating this space, made to measure to meet your needs and satisfy your desires. The list below presents variants that you can use to create your own 36e8 kitchen, which lends itself to composing all types of kitchens thanks to its modularity: linear kitchens, island kitchens, corner kitchens and suspended kitchens.

36e8 modular kitchen

Wildwood 36e8 modular kitchen 

Madeterraneo 36e8 modular kitchen

Round Air island kitchen


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