September, the “Month of 36e8 System”



A modular system based on the square.

Perfect for all areas of the home or office, the 36e8 System gives you the opportunity to design in full freedom all the area of the house, providing a way of arranging wall storage in unusual patterns and offering countless options for design-oriented storage.

Ultra-lightweight, it transforms the void of the wall and the spaces between modules into aesthetic elements, design components and storage space.

32 colours, 8 widths and 3 depths to combine however you like in order to give birth to modular living room, elegant bedrooms, functional kitchens, modern bathroom and completely customized spaces.

The 36e8 System offers to you an infinity of compositions, which perfectly integrate other LAGO System, as LagoLinea Shelf, which has the same spatial paradigm, and the Slide Shelf bookcase.

Our LAGO STORE welcomes you with a special promotion on this iconic product throughout the month of September: come and visit us to design your 36e8 composition with our designers!

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36e8 glass lago contenitori legno e vetro
36e8 glass lago contenitori vetro
Soggiorno moderno con poltrone futon e mobili a parete componibili
la parete del salotto è componibile e colorata
cucina sospesa Lago
letto vele lago testiera tessuto
bagno di design prodotto in italia da Lago


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